play, flirt & date

Have you had enough of superficial right-left swipes
or endless browsing through profile pages?

MOJO is a new and exciting alternative to
existing apps within
the "social" and "dating" category.

Online dating has for years been about fast swipes and endless browsing through hundreds of profile pages. Many are tired of high demands on profile texts and perfect photos.

MOJO - play, flirt & date: THE alternative to existing social and dating apps

Here you can meet your match over common interests in games, where you can easily develop good fun relationships. Whether the meeting turns into a friendship, a flirtation or even a date - we let you decide.

As a common starting point and as an ice-breaker, communication and initial contact is easily achieved by using MOJO - play, flirt & date.

Download MOJO on AppStore or Google Play - and get playing, flirting and maybe even get a date with your gaming partner.

The board game
The first game on MOJO is a "board game" with words, where both luck and skill play a factor. You take turns placing words on the board. You gain points partly on the value of the word, as well as which bonus tiles are subsequently flipped.
See the rules here

Search for gaming partner
Based on search criteria such as gender, age and distance, MOJO will find a gaming partner that matches your wishes.

If you select "Daily Match" you will be notified when a game starts automatically with a new gaming partner.

When you browse other people's profiles you can 'like' those you would like to play with. If you get "liked" in return, you start a new game together.

Profile and friends
On your profile page you can upload your own profile picture and write a little about yourself. To stay in touch with your gaming partner after the game ends, you can add the person to your friends list.

Chat with text and pictures
The built-in chat functionality allows you deeper communication with your gaming partner. If you would like to exchange pictures just press send.

At MOJO We are constantly working on updating the app and new game functionality so that we can accommodate more types of players :)

Play a fun game at MOJO and meet new and exciting people

Search for gaming partner based on gender, age and distance

Expand your friendships with chat, text and pictures

Get a new daily match and start a game with a new partner

Browse players and 'like' who you would like to play with

Add players to your friends list and stay connected

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Gustav Jung


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